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Volunteers Needed


The Cobourg Highland Games Society is looking for volunteers to help plan and organize its 60th Annual Scottish Festival & Highland Games in June 2024. This two day event has grown significantly through the years and our current membership needs additional support.


The Society is made up of local volunteers with a variety of interests, backgrounds and talents. We are seeking volunteers to fill some key roles for the coming years in order to help ensure this event carries on and secure its success.

We meet once a month from September through June. Additionally, volunteers are needed on the days of the Festival to assist with setup and various on-site activities. Previous experience helping with other events and organizations in the community is an asset however enthusiasm and dedication are the most important qualities.


If you're interested in volunteering for a committee position or have a few hours to spare to help during the Festival, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

Committee Positions


  • Coordinates fundraising activities

  • Coordinates and updates emails for Donations for Friends of the Games with existing email database.

  • Looks for and Assists with Grant applications.

  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of new Fundraising ideas are encouraged.

Ceilidh/Bar Manager

  • Procuring several different Celtic Musical acts for the Friday and Saturday night Ceilidhs.

  • Orders Special Occasion Permits and orders and picks up the beer and liquor needed for the bar.

  • Orders refrigerated trailer.

  • Coordinates with OCEAP re: running the bar.

  • Keeps tabs on bar stock, and replenishes stock if needed.

  • Returns left over beer & liquor, as well as empties for refund.



  • Identifies potential sponsors, both large & small.

  • Solicits & secures sponsorships for events as well as the Northumberland Scottish Festival.

  • Stays in contact with the Sponsors to ensure they are aware of what is happening at the Festival.

  • Meets potential Sponsors and delivers Sponsorship applications.

  • Coordinates picking up the Sponsor Banners and ordering Sponsor signs to be prominently displayed at the Festival and are then returned to the Sponsors after the Festival.

  • Recognize and Thank the Sponsors after the Festival.

  • Good Networking skills required with local and regional businesses.

As well as the positions listed above, which are Board positions, some of our Managers need assistance to manage their positions. You can volunteer to help them fulfill these duties as a Sub-committee Member, if you don't wish to be a Board member. As a Sub-committee Member, you can attend Board meetings, and participate in the discussions.

Other Volunteer Positions

1-3 Months prior to Highland Games

  • Distribute Posters, Rack Cards around Northumberland County and beyond - Peterborough, Lindsay, Oshawa, Brighton, Campbellford, Cobourg and Port Hope

  • Personal vehicle necessary

Days Before, During and After the Festival

Concessions Assistants x 2

  • This position involves helping the Concessions Manager a few days prior to the Festival.

  • Marking out where each vendor goes on the field (on Thursday afternoon before Festival).

  • Being at the Park on Friday afternoon/evening, and at 6.00am Saturday, to guide vendors to proper locations, and ensure whether their vehicle is permitted in Park.

  • Looking after any special needs vendors may have, and ensuring vendors obey our rules and regulations.

  • Knowledge of computer spread sheets (and databases if possible).

Setup & Tear down x 8 volunteers

  • Friday 9 am - 1 pm: Assemble Stages heavy lifting required, Personal Cordless Power Drill necessary, Set up refreshment tent

  • Friday 9 am - 11 am: Put out Directional Signage around Port Hope - need personal vehicle

  • Saturday 6 am - 9 am: Install Flags on Bleachers, Put up Sponsor Banners, Deliver Tables & Chairs to Dance Area, Heavy Events, Set up Gazebos, 

  • Saturday 6 pm - 8 pm: Disassemble stages and put back in trailer, Take down Flags & Sponsor Banners, Pick up tables & Chairs and place in storage, Pick up Litter

  • Sunday 9 am - 4 pm: Complete clean up of park.

Volunteer application form

Thank you for your interest in joining the Cobourg Scottish Festival & Highland Games, as a volunteer. 

Please fill out the Application Form below, and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form 

If you only wish to volunteer to help set up, run and tear down at the Festival, mark all the squares with an "X" at the times you can volunteer. Those applying for Board positions need not fill out this area.

Thursday Afternoon

Friday Morning

Friday Afternoon

Friday Evening (till about 11.30pm)

Saturday Morning (6.00 am start)

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Evening (till about 11.30 pm)

Sunday Morning till finished, maybe 1.00 pm

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, such as past volunteer experiences, skills, something you feel we should know about you.  If you've any questions enter them here.

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