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Scottish Trivia

Try your luck at our Scottish Trivia Quiz. 

You could win tickets to this year's Highland Games!


The Scottish Trivia fun contest for 2024 is now over.

Last week's 4 winners are,

Jacqueline Smith

Shelby Jones

Sheila Charleton

Brittany Heather

who all correctly identified the town of Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Thank you to all who participated in our little fun game.

Better luck next year to those who didn't win

The Unicorn is Scotland's National animal

St Andrews.jpg

Scotland is praised for its first-class golf
courses but St Andrews takes the crown as the world's 'Home of Golf'. Although King James banned golf in 1457, the first written record of the sport in St Andrews was 1552.

The World's shortest commercial flight is from Westray, Orkney to the island of Papa. The distance is less than 2 miles, and only takes a couple of minutes

Scot 15.jpg

"Braveheart" was actually the nickname given to Robert the Bruce (pictured) not William Wallace

Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have a Fire Brigade

Scot 17.jpg
Ashampoo_Snap_Monday, 21 August 2023_20h15m8s_001_87,600+ Loch Morar Stock Photos, Picture

The deepest Loch in Scotland is Loch Morar which reaches a depth of 1077 feet (328 m)

It is the 17th deepest lake (loch) in the world

It is also home to "Morag" a 30 foot long monster, not unlike its famous cousin "Nessie"

It first appeared in August 1969, supposedly attacking 2 fishermen, who described it as having 3 humps and a snake like head. No mention if they were given a breath test.

This video explains the origins of the Highland Games

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