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We welcome all Clans to attend the Northumberland Scottish Festival and Highland Games in Port Hope Agricultural Park.

Our new location allows better access to Clan Avenue and provides you with dedicated free parking for Clan representatives!  Check out the Park Site Map to see where your Clan Gazebo could be positioned.

If you're interested in being part of our Festival, complete the online form below or contact our committee member Terry Myles of Clan MacNeil by phone at 289-691-1880 (evenings only please) or email :

Clan Application

For information on the Clans & Scottish Society of Canada visit their web-site at


So far the following Clans will be participating in 2024.

  • Clan MacNeil

  • Clan Douglas

  • Clan Colquhoun International Society

  • Clan MacPherson

  • Clan MacLaren

  • Clan Irwin Association

  • Clan MacTavish

  • Clan MacLellan

  • Clan MacKinnon

  • Clan Hunter

  • Clan MacFarlane World Wide

  • Clan Ramsay International

  • Clan Farquharson Canada

  • Clan Gregor Society SCIO - Canada Chapter

  • House of Gordon

  • The Gaelic Society of Toronto

  • Hutchison House Museum



Keep checking back though - we'll add more Clans soon!

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